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I was diagnosed with PC 7/03. After some abdominal pain that came and went for over a year i suffered an episode that didnt go away. That was 7/10/03. 1 day before my 43 birthday. The pain was intense and lasted 5 days before I noticed my urine was VERY dark. I made an appointment to see a DR. I have never been sick in my life and I did not have a regular DR. The DR. took some blood and urine. My bilirubin was highly elevated as well as my amalyse and lypase. He sent me for a sonogram because he suspected I may have a gallstone blocking a duct. After the sonogram I was told that it looked like I had a mass on the head of my pancreas. I spent 1 week in a hospital in Brooklyn, where I did not eat or drink anything for 1 week. I had a sonogram that showed no mass and an MRI that did. I had an ERCP and a spinctorotomy and a stent placed to open my duct. The DR. did not see a mass. They scheduled me for a gallbladder removal for the next morning.At 6:00 am the next morning the Dr. who preformed the ERCP came to my room to tell me that he cancelled the gallbladder surgery. He said he couldnt sleep all night thinking about me. He said something just does not look right. He scheduled me for another ERCP to take some tissue. I was released from that hospital and waited a week for the results. They came back positve for adenocarcinoma. I spoke with a surgeon affiliated with that hospital and he felt sure he could preform the whipple with no problem. My sister who is a nurse practitioner said NO WAY and made an appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering with DR. Leslie Blumgart my angel. He saw me right away and told me he would never lie to me. He said I was Very Ill and needed to have my surgery as soon as possible. He took out his appointment book and scheduled my surgery. I saw him on 8/8/03 and had my surgery on 8/12/03.The surgery was a sucess. My DR feels that I do not need chemo or radiation. The recovery has been hard but giving up some foods and drinks are a small trade for a LIFE.I am still in the recovery stage dicovering what makes me feel good or bad. I am back to working out( not as hard as I did before) I take spinning classes do weight training and will soon be starting yoga and qi gong.I also have become a vegetarian again, because I belive my food choices over the last few years have contributed to my illness. Its only been about 5 months but I feel like I have a second chance and I'm going to do every thing I can to stay healthy. That includes looking into the possibility of a career change. I am a very sucessful Financial Advisor, but it is a HIGH STRESS career. I would be happy to share any and all information with anyone who asks. I pray for you all.

Posted 01/04/2004 09:36 pm by audrey
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