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My Mom 73 was Dx October 25 2003. 3 months before Dx she felt like she was having a gallbladder attack all over again. she began to lose weight and eventually turned jaundice. she had gone to the Drs and was told she had 'inflamation' of the pancreas. She went for a series of Ct scans ERCP and so fourth. Went she got the news that day, she had cancer i was thinking - i just wish it was me. -i was mad, sad, hurt, angry totally SICK! This couldn't be (my) mom they are talking about!!!I knew in my heart the outcome wasn't good. Mom went for the whipple that failed. had the chemo and radition combo. i really thought she was going to beat this.. she never got sick never complained of any pain. until finally all the toxins killed her liver. ( which i blame her drs for that. i feel they didn't do things right). i begged her to go get a second opinion. Needless to say she only lasted 4 months after DX. She died on her favorite day of the yr. ST JOSEPHS DAY a SAINT she prayed through her whole life. i have much comfort knowing that she is with him finally at peace. i want to share a poem that was written by her granchildren that was said at her funeral March 21, 2003. Yesterday was the first day of spring. when i think of spring happy thoughts fill my mind. as the earth awakens the sun shines the birds sing , the grass gets greener and the breezes turn warmer. today is the beginning of a new life for grandma. god and the angels came to earth to bring you up to heaven, your soul is at rest and you are finally free .. free to let your spirit roam the earth. now when i think of spring i will always be reminded of your graceful presence. when i hear the birds sing their song , i will know you are singing with your beautiful voice. when the breezes blow i will think of the warm embraces you are sending down from heaven. the raindrops will kiss our forehead and the beaming sun will be the love you are shining down upon us. before you go however, i want to thank you for the generosity you have showen throughout my life. more importantly the past six and a half yrs that i lived in your home thank you for the laughter and smiles you always brought into a room and for cheering us up when we were sad. thank you for helping us grow into remarkable individuals; i know wherever i go your wisdom will always be a part of me. thanks for building our confidence you always told us how beautiful we are. we will carry those compliments with us. from now on you will always be the twinkle in our blue eyes, that you adored so much especially Anthony's.. i am graduating from high school in 3 months. even though you will not be there physically i know you will be walking a step behind me as i recieve my diploma and a one way ticket to the real world. my future successes will be in honor of you.. for you always wanted to see me shine. in closing i want us all to remember that even though people may disappear they never really go away, when you think of spring, think of grandma you know she would want too. this is not goodbye. its see you in awhile. Kris, Jess & Ant

Posted 11/11/2003 09:37 pm by GINA
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