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Renee was posted 10/23/2003 08:03 pm by barbara h
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Renee, i'm so sorry that your dad's cancer has returned with a vengeance.

i hope that you can get some help from John Hopkins and perhaps you can find out more from them about the experimental drug. with you dad's change in health maybe 'someone' could move him up a bit on the list.

i'm feeling fine at the moment. several times a week my husband rides his mountain bike while i hike in the hills near our home. it's tough and i'm slower than ever but, it helps my emotions. today, while i was hiking, i met an oncology nurse who works at Los Angeles County Hospital and she knows Dr. Lenz (the doctor i just consulted with on Monday from USC) as well as Dr. O'Connell (the Kaiser doctor who did my surgery). she was very nice and is very much aware of how deadly this disease is. she said she was surprised that i am alive and appear to be in such good shape since my surgery was back in February. i am hoping that she will call me once in a while as i really appreciate her honesty and knowledge about this disease.

Renee, i hope you are taking care of yourself .... eating, sleeping, and doing something that relieves your stress level.

i told my oldest daughter about you; she will be praying for you.

take care Renee :)

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