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My husband of 26 years, 46 years of age passed away on August 2, 2002. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on August 17, 2001. His tumor was considered small and he was whipple eligible. Our family took delight in this and our hope for his recovery never wavered. He entered a clinical trial at a nearby (1.5 hours away) teaching hospital of combination chemo and radiation for 6 weeks. Once completed, his whipple was performed on January 8, 2002. The pathology was not entirely in our favor as it showed 2 lymph nodes to be positive for metastatic Ca. Although his recovery from the whipple procedure was difficult, Steve never lost hope that he would not fully recover and go on to live the remainder of his life. We were blessed with two lovely granddaughters in November of 2002 and April of 2003. In May of 2002 a cat scan revealed that Steves cancer had returned in both his liver and his lungs. He opted to cease any further treatment. Steve's life ended peacefully. He died in the comfort of his home,while sleeping. He had been fortunate to have spent the week before in Maine at his parents summer home, a place he truly loved. His 4 brothers came throughout that week to spend his last days sharing thier love for him. I was fortunate to have been Steves wife and best friend for many years and his care giver through the end of this life. His courage and determination will inspire me for the remainder of my journey here on this earth. He remains greatly loved and missed by myself, our two daughters, his family and many dedicated friends.

Posted 09/09/2003 12:07 pm by GINNY
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