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My husband Ron was diagnosed with PC in June of '02. We were in Florida at the time. He was told the usual 3-6 months and began treating with Gemzar. We made an appointment at Moffitt in Tampa for a second opinion and packed up to head back to Michigan where our families are. At Moffitt Ron was given the same diagnosis, etc., so we continued on to Michigan. He started treating at Wm. Beaumont Hospital's cancer center with Gemzar and we were told this would help for a while and then we'd go into pain management. We met with Dr. Vaitkevicius at the Karmanos Cancer Research Center in Detroit in August and Dr. V starting treating Ron with Gemzar and Cisplatin, along with Xeloda. On 3/1/03 Ron had an aborted Whipple, but the surgeon froze the portion of the pancreas where the tumor is located in the hopes that it would stop its spread (it had already metastasized to the liver) and the surgeon also did a bile duct bypass. Ron has had 9 rounds of chemo at this point. He has had none for over a month as the chemo has taken its toll on him physically. We have an appointment with Dr. V this coming Tuesday, August 5th, for more tests and to discuss what our next step will be. Ron is willing to undergo more chemo (his inner strength amazes me). We just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and I truly feel that I was put in his path to help him through this. Ron is 60 years old.

Posted 08/03/2003 11:09 pm by Pat P
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