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pain management was posted 01/26/2003 10:32 pm by melissa
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My husband is in the final stages of this horrible disease. He is at home and is still able walk a little in the house. He has been house bound for six months now and has had numerous set backs (chemo stopped - no response, pulmonary embolis and a sepsis infection). He managed to rebound from the sepsis infection and is taking warfarin to help prevent a future embolis.

He is currently taking 15mg of hydromorph contin twice daily and between 5 and 9 dilaudid 1 mg for breakthrough pain every day.The dilaudid does not always rid 100% of the pain.

We are visiting the cancer clinic tomorrow and he is scheduled to have a new internal/external stent placed tomorrow afternoon.

When is the right time to have a butterfly or pain medication pump placed? I am a little concerned that the dilaudid is not helping him as much as it should. I do not want him to have to suffer.

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