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My mom Brenda was born 09-14-1936 in Warrington, Lancashire England. She was a vibrant, loving and happy lady, she cherished her family and friends. Her favorite holidays were Christmas and Easter and her favorite colors were shades of pink and lavander. Mom always looked for the best qualities in people and was liked by all who had the honor of knowing her. In September of 2001, right after her 65th birthday she began experiencing pain in her right side lower back, she thought she had pulled a muscle, she also discovered a large swelling in the lower left side of her neck. Her Dr. sent her in for a biopsy and after 8 days of worried waiting, she and I were called into the surgeon's office and he delivered the devestating news that the biopsy revealed metastatic adenocarcinoma of unknown origin. My poor mom endured countless testing to determin the origin when a stain sample pin pointed pancreatic cancer. Scans showed mets to the liver and lymphnode involvement. We were sent to an Oncologist in Corona, Ca. who started mom on Gemzar for one hour each week. Mom's CA 19-9 was, according the the Oncologist, the hightest he had ever encountered - in the 600,000's. After 1 month on Gemzar her CA 19-9 dropped dramatically into the 150,000's, the Oncologist was amazed and gave me hope. Mom had 3 good months on chemo then she developed blood clotting in her right leg, she was hospitalized her for 6 days and a Greenfield filter was inserted to prevent the clot from spreading into her lungs, she also developed pheumonia and was off chemo for 5 weeks. Her CA 19-9 increased into the 170,000 range, she had her last chemo session on March 22nd 2002. On March 25th she became violently ill, I took her to emergency and after many tests were performed, we were advised to call Hospice because the cancer was spreading and shutting down her system. My mom passed away on March 30th, 2002 at 4:40 a.m. I am thankful that she didn't suffer a long and painful death. She is and will always be with me in spirit and memory. She was my best friend. Mom is servived by 2 children and their spouses and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Early Easter morning I was awakened by the scent of my mom's everyday perfume, Sunflowers. I believe her spirit was there, perhaps to let me know everything would be okay. I miss you mom, love always, Rhonda

Posted 11/08/2002 12:53 pm by Rhonda
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