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41 year old male. Had gall bladder removed 3/18/02 and sent home. Back in hospital within four days, very sick and jaundiced. ERCP done twice, once to cut sphincter and once to place stent. Did MRI before sending me home after nine days. Two weeks later dr said there was a 10mm X 12mm spot on pancreas. Dr. J. Albert Hagy did procedure the next day. The spot they thought was possibly cancer turned out to be the only part that was not cancerous. He called my wife and she authorized him to take entire pancreas, duodenum, half of stomach and all of my spleen. He said with the cancer involving the entire pancreas, he had no choice. He said it was very rare for the cancer to be that advanced in the cancer without involving other organs. Margin on back side to the vein was .25mm, which concerned them. I was in the hospital for one full month. I took a 5FU pump and 30 radiation treatments with a break in the middle because I was so sick. After that regimen, I took about a month off, and am now taking Gemzar- two weeks on and one week off for three months. Strange pains in the hip region and back and groin. CT scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis and a bone scan scheduled for 10/25/02. The instant diabetes due to the removal of the entire pancreas has presented problems. I have the insulin pump, but the chemo seems to make it vary from too low in the evenings to too high during morning and afternoon. Luckily I usually wake up when it gets too low. I have a wonderful and dedicated wife and two precious girls, ages 10 and 6.

The one thing I want to make sure of before I leave this earth is that the people I love and care about so much will know this and never forget it.

Visited my surgeon 10/17/02 and he sid it was very rare for the total removal of the pancreas without mets toother organs. If anyone has any stats or advice, I'd love to hear from you. Even though I do not know you, I pray daily for all those who are suffering from this disease and their loved ones who must watch the horrible effects of this disease. Sometimes I think it is harder on the family than the patient. Just make sure that you tell them how much you love them at every possible opportunity.

Posted 10/18/2002 10:26 pm by RDDoss
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