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Wish I knew more was posted 09/29/2002 08:52 pm by Kathy
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Hi. My husband, 36, also has BDC. We were completely SHOCKED this past July when he was diagnosed. He had been sick for over a year...jsut abdomoinal pain that apparently wasn't 'just a gallstone'. We went to the University of Michigan and was told that they can remove it. After many tests, we were told that it was also in his liver. After they opened him up, they said they could not remove it, because it was also in his pancreas and duodenum. We are completely devasteted, We have two little ones at home. I do not know WHAT to expect at ALL! He just started Gemzar chemo and radiation. We have NO idea what that will do. We won't know for awhile. I have no idea what his life expectancy is. But, we are holding on to the faith that he will be healed. We have our down times, too. I'm glad your hubby is hopeful. THere are so many people out there that can't be. As far as his tests, maybe he's right. Who knows? When you talked about the stents, you enlightened me. I had NO IDEA that these were not permanent. My husband, Rob, is still holding on to these being permanent and him living to attend his 3 year old son's wedding. I hope it is permanent. I feel for you and your husband. We are going through many of the same things right now. I will pray fo you and him. Prayer is helpful. We hold on to that.


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