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Yor Dad was posted 09/28/2002 11:18 am by Terri
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My Dad passed away on 9/18 - he was 80 years old. He was given about 6 months and lived about 4.5 months. The past 4 months my Pop was quite tired, his appetite fluctuated - he was in no pain.

Ironically, we just found out that - it was a series of mini strokes that killed him - the cancer had detoriated his body so - his electro lights were out of wack.

He went into the hospital on 9/17 since he had fallen a few times - too weak to stand - Mom wanted to be sure that he didn't have a concussion. We found out that he needed a pint of blood and his potassium was low. I thought he was in the hospital to get his counts, etc. balanced out.

Watch your Dad closely (his breathing) - use Hospice (if you haven't yet. The end came quick - painless - no struggles.

Feel free to email me - My Dad founght a lot of battles - including WWII - this was a tough one to win.

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