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new on this part of board w/qu was posted 09/22/2002 05:46 pm by sis
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Hi, I have been on the pancreatic cancer chat for a few weeks, the reason i am here now is the doctors keep dx and re dx, my brother he is 42, and has been in severe pain in his abdaman, he is on pain meds which help, he frequentley vomits but is hungry, he is loosing weight,but not drastic. he has had ercp, cts, mrcp, these test showed a tumor behind his pancreas, a couple weeks later, they said it had diminished??? and it may be pancreatitis, now he went to an ongoligst last friday, and HE said there may be a blocked bile duct and he is not ruling out cancer, he is to get a brushing scope, and they also mentioned maybe a stent if needed, I have been on the computer 24-7 looking up infor on pc, can someone here tell me what the symptoms for bdcancer are? they did not suspect gullstones eailer, so im hoping it will be that! he also had c19-9 and both test were low to normal. I hope someone can help me with the symptoms. so i can help him.. this has gone on WAY TO LONG especially someone like my brother who has never been to the hospital in his life....thank-you so much sis

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