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Dealing with BDC? was posted 09/19/2002 10:08 am by Den
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My dad is 60 yrs of age and is dx with a Klatskin tumor. He's been in the hospital for a month with Transhepatic drains for his jaundice. He survived a sepsis which cleared completely for now. The oncologist treating him advices to treat him with external radiation prior the implantation of metallic stents. The tumor is small, so far slow, and has not metasized yet. He is displaying symptoms for Cholestasis of the liver. He has anorexia and poor nutrition. Being a proud 6' 240 Lbs man, he feels useless and he has drowned into deep depression.

Although it is comforting to know I am not alone, I do realize the severity of the condition. I wish to know from the experience of others what lays ahead for me and my mom. I have to prepare myself to deal with the coming times and really wish to know what to expect.

Thank you in advance and I feel for all those that went through with the fight of this disease or are undergoing the battle.

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