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Diet after Whipple was posted 09/14/2002 08:53 pm by Pat
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My husband was diagnosed with BDC and had a whipple procedure on 9/13/01. He just had his first anniversary. He was 3 wks in the hospital and 3 wks in a nursing home. His stomach had to learn again how to accept food and then they took out his G-tube. He eats about 6 meals a day. Snacks inbetween regular meals. The drs. told him that he can eat anything he wants but to go easy on meat. Meat is very hard to digest. He also takes Reglan 4x a day, 1/2 hour before he eats. This helps his stomach so he does not get neausea (sp). He can have all the fruits and vegtables and bread that he wants. I also give him Ensure Plus which has 350 calories and extra nutrician. A one-a-day vitamin is good too. He will never put on the 43 pds he lost because food does not stay with him long, but passes right through him. He does not have diarea but he just passes the food through does not stay long enough in his intestines for him to get any benefit from the food. He gets tired and naps a lot. He was doing very well and had 6 days of 5-FU chemo and 5 wks of radiation. Unfortunately we just learned that the cancer has returned and they will start him on Gemzar soon.

I wish you the best and hope that this information is of some help. You might also ask your dr. if you can talk to a nutritionist. Your insurance should cover it. Good luck and God bless.

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