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Doing Much Better was posted 09/04/2002 12:56 pm by mrs
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Thanks for asking, Dee. He is feeling better and the drain which was inserted is doing its job. He still has to stay on IV antibiotics for a few more weeks. The latest CT scan showed the section where the infection is located has collapsed which means the liver is healing and regenerating. By the way his CA 19-9 was almost 700 dropped to 196 and up to 400 in the course of six weeks. The doctors said it was still high due to the liver infection and should come down when his liver is better.

My dad did xeloda along with gemzar. Enjoy your trip and have a good time and make wonderful memories. One of my dad's doctors says to live each day as if it was your last, because he doesn't have a crytal ball to see into the future. He is so compassionate and very positive. I wish he could be cloned! He has changed my outlook on life and cancer in regards to my dad and I told him so in a card. He told me later he was so touched by it and crossed his hands over his heart and said thanks. Mary

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