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Dee H was posted 08/31/2002 01:02 pm by mrs
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My dad's cancer did go to the liver twice. He had a liver resection where is was cut out. The liver regenerates and grows back to normal size in six to eight weeks. It did come back and he had percutaneous radio frequency ablation done to it which did cause an infection a week later. The ablation burned the cancer tumor and it should be gone for now. That tumor was about 3 by 4cm in size. The radiologist burned a 4+ by 7 cm section to cover all the margins and said he felt he got it all.

He did not have anything on his lungs. The lungs are close to the liver and it is where it does spread. We've haven't dealth with anything with the lungs and I don't really know what they can do if anything for that area. With the liver abscess my dad has, the doctors were very concerned about the infection spreading to the lungs and did have chest x-rays taken to be sure they were fine. Mary

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