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Kathleen was posted 08/29/2002 11:14 am by Lillie
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Kathleen, I'm so sorry about your friends diagnosis. A whipple is the cadiallic of surgeries, and should only be preformed by experienced surgeons in that area. A whipple is the only known cure for this type of cancer. Not each person that has a whipple gets a cure as with any surgery for cancer the cancer may return and patients with whipples have a high re-occurance. The whipple should be followed by both chemo and radiation as soon after the surgery as possible. Patients who's cancer has spread to other organs are not eligable for the whipple. DO make sure that your friend take all his/her reports to a good surgeon ASAP to see if they are indeed a candidate for the whipple. Recovery from the whipple takes approx. 6 months. In our dads whipple the surgeon removed the gall bladder, dudeumn(sp) bile duct, head of the pancreas. If you will e-mail me at SASSYLILL1 I will send you somemore information and sites, where you can see what all is involved with the whipple(pictures) Hugs Lillie

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