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Klatskin tumor??? was posted 08/03/2002 12:53 am by Maria
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My husband was diagnosed after having exploratory operation in december 2001 with an unresectable Klatsin tumor involving the portal vein. No biopsy of the tumor was taken at that time (I dont know why). We went to another medical facility for a second opinion. All the tests including two percutaneous FNA biopsies of the tumor indicated no malignant cells. Blood tests remained abnormal but the CA19-9 from very high dropped to almost normal levels. My husband is feeling very well(except the occational infection of the stents/biliary system), has a good appetite, no weight loss and goes to the gym every day, The doctors back home have now decided not to do any chemotherapy at this time but just monitor the tumor by MRI's. Two MRI's were done two months apart showing the tumor to be stable,next MRI is scheduled four months from now. We are very concerned and we would appreciate it a lot if you can answer any of the following questions:

. Is it possible this tumor is not a Klatskin tumor? . if it is a benign tumor can now or later be possible to be removed by surgery? . any advice please!!

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