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children was posted 07/30/2002 09:05 pm by anonymous
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You did not mention the gender of the person undergoing chemo. My husband chose to have his sperm frozen prior to starting chemo. Sometimes chemo can cause a person to become sterile.

The decison to have children after being diagnosed with a very bad form of cancer is difficult. My husband has been in remission for six months. We have decided to wait at least until early next year to try to have children.

I really do not want to get pregnant and then have my husband fall ill again. I think most of my attention should be focused on him right now.

If my husband does well for a prolonged time (12 months post chemo) then we might consider a pregnacy.

Hope this helps. I can understand how painful this is for your friend. My husband and I were only married a little over a year when he was diagnosed. We both were getting ready to start a family. I find it very difficult being around people our age theat are pregnant or with children. Life just does not seem to be fair. Why should youong people have to worry about life threatening illnesses?

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