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We're running very low.... was posted 04/16/2002 06:34 pm by Mary
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We're running out of some of the sizes for the Virtual Marathon t-shirts being sold by the PanCAN Team Hope National Capital Area. Right now we're out of smalls, although we still expect to receive just one more from the supplier to replace a damaged shirt. There aren't a lot of shirts available in other sizes, either. If you want one, you need to SEND IN YOUR FORM SOON!!

To order your shirt, go to the website, scroll down until you see Team Hope Events for the Virtual Marathon and click on National Capital Area. Download the registration form, pick the size t-shirt that you want and mail it in with your check for $25 per shirt ($10 of which is a charitable contribution for tax purposes) plus S&H to the address on the form.

If for any reason you can't get the form to print, you can e-mail me (m_zapor and I can send it to you as an attachment in Word format. If you don't have access to e-mail, call and leave a message on my office phone 301-279-9075. Please give me your name (please spell it on the phone), your street address, city, state, and ZIP Code, plus your telephone number in case I need to call you back for clarification.

We will also try to reserve a shirt for you in the size(s) you want if you send an e-mail to MarathonNCA telling us exactly what you want. But, we'll only hold the shirts for 10 days after we get your e-mail. After that, we'll have to let the shirt go to the next customer who has sent in a check, so be sure to get your order form in the mail SOON.

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