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My mother just passed away last weekend. It was completely unexpected and I am still having a hard time trying to grasp what happened. She was 4 days shy of her 45th birthday when she passed. The autopsy revealed her death was caused by cancer in her pancreas and scirosis in her liver. I want to share some of her 'symptoms' that occured over the past few months with you; so that if you see some one going through similar symptoms you can convice them to get treatment immediately (I had told her to go to the doctor and she refused- claimimg she could take care of herself). Over a year ago she was having problems with her feet- they would swell up, and cause her problems walking (she also complained of pain in her shin area). At that point she did recieve medical treatment- the doctor had her referred to a well known hospital in Boston. After a few days- they sent her home and diagnosed the problem as 'Anemia'- they told her to take some vitamins and eat her vegetables (not those exact words- but you get the picture). Months went by with out her seeing another doctor (she wouldn't go back after they told her that her problems were because of her Anemia- she didn't believe them and thought that if thats all they could come up then there was no need to go back and she could handle that herself). Well, about 2 and a half months ago her entire body began to swell up just like her feet had before. She was convinced that it was Adema and had been caused by stress and that she could take care of it herself. About a month and a half later the swelling had begun to go down- but her muscles had also gone away with the swelling. At this point the swelling only remained in her legs- which she took upon herself to try to drain the fluid from. Her hair was thinning, she was having memory problems- forgetting things, blurred vision, she would fall and not be able to get up, she got frustrated quite quickly and would start to cry frequently- (this is a woman who had previously cried in front of me ONCE in 20 years). A week later she passed away- I found her unconscious on the floor. She had apparently fallen (unable to get up) and had choked on her own blood. I called 911 and they rushed her to the hospital- but it was too late (she passed 5 hours after getting to the emergency room). If you or anyone you know is experiencing anything similar to these symptoms please get medical attention immediately- Pancreas Cancer is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S.- About 28,000 Americans will die from this disease this year- don't let yourself be one of them!


Posted 03/31/2002 06:14 pm by Jessica
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