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Gloria was posted 03/13/2002 04:29 pm by Lillie
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There is a drink for diabetics called glucerina and the scandi shakes make a drink for diabetics I understand the scandi shakes have a chocolate and vanilla now. When we were going through all this with dad all I could get was the vanilla in the scandi shakes and dad loved them. Please E-mail me tonight and I will heart link the scandi shake site to you and you can order a free one to try. My e-mail address is SASSYLILL1 @AOL.COM Its not case sensitive and you don't have to use caps the reason I type it in caps is because it has 2'L's and the nuber 1 at the end and sometimes in lowercase letters its confusing. Go to the health food store and just ask for a protein drink but make sure you let them know he is a diabetic. By the way did you ever speak with Myra? I did let Myra know about you and she was anxious to talk with you about the Therasphere. Hugs Lillie

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