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My mother in law,Sue, was diagnosed with suspected pc in Nov of 2000 and upon attempted Whipple in Feb 2001 confirmed that tumor was cancerous. She is 59 yo now and was 58 at time of diagnosis. The tumor is against the messianteric artery and therefore unresectable. She elected to not do chemo and radiation after the dr.s could only tell her that their hope with this treatment was to slow the growth of the tumor. The tumor hadn't grown any between Nov 2000 and Feb 28 2001 and the dr.s couldn't give any rate or guarantee of slowing down the already slow growing tumor. They could tell us they would definitely kill one of the kidney's though. Sue decided to do some herbal cancer treatments and some natural food supplements. She did anything and everything she wanted to do between April 15, 2001 and Dec 1st,2001. Approximately Dec 1st she started having pain in her abdomen and across her back. Her appetite started declining and nausea has steadily increased. She has lost 17lbs since the first of December. Her onc has given her some pain pills and a anti-nausea med. One pain pill every 4 hours doesn't take the pain completely away and 2 make her sleep and feel drunk. The nausea is always there, stronger sometimes than others. When she is up for awhile, like going to the grocery store with me or to the pet shop, she gets nauseated after about 15 minutes of being on her feet. I at this point am the care-giver. My husband, two teenage boys,10 yo daughter and I have been staying at her home since the middle of January 2002 and running over to our home,15 min away, to tend to our animals. My husband, Jerry, is employed FULL time and is able to spend most of his evenings and weekends with his mom with this arrangement. Their is only one other sibling, a daughter-Cathy. She lives about 35 minutes away. She is a single mom. She has worked in the health-care field for 20 years now and is seeming to be TOO busy with life to spend much time with her mom. This seems to be hard on Sue. She seems more depressed when Cathy says she will be here and then doesn't show up. Sue's husband of 38 years died in 1998 after being diagnosed with a brain tumor on July 16. He death came faster than any of us expected on October 8th, 1998 10 days before his 59th birthday. After Dad's death mom didn't want to go on anymore. But, we stayed with her through the holidays and by spring she seemed to be willing to go on. I am not sure what her thoughts on the subject of fighting to stay on this earth are now.

Posted 02/25/2002 12:36 pm by Barbara
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