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Need Advice was posted 02/16/2002 08:12 am by Wayne
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Quickly an overview

1987 September: referred to Canadian Military Base Hospital symptoms - lethargy, jaundice in eyes blood test indicated abnormal liver function and elevated w interim dianosis - Mono 1987 December: admitted to NDMC in Ottawa, the military's main hospital, as a result of continued elevated bilirubin, and liver enzymes. 1988 May: Received CAT scan, unremarkable. Attending physician quoted, 'you are a laboratory peculiarity' 1988 Nov: civilian GI suggested Gilbert's syndrome. 1994 May: Pain on right side of abdomen had a colonoscopy after possible polyps were found during barium enema during colonoscopy I awoke from sedation in tremoundous pain. The procedure was terminated. Not able to proceed beyond hepatic flexure. 1998 June: Received second colonoscopy, nothing remarkable 2001 Feb: Tremoundous, unbelievable pain in my right abdomen. after several trips and subsequent treatment with demoral and buscopin the pain attacks subsided. A GI during a scope procedure was not able to inject the dye into my gall bladder as it was too hard. 2002 Feb: I am still experiencing all sorts of problems, without really knowing what is happening. It seems as thought this issue has gone on to long to be cancer, but could become cancer.

Please Advise

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