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Post whipples was posted 01/08/2002 08:45 pm by Nige
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I am nearly 50 and I had a whipples 'plus' in april 2000 - ie I had my pancreas and Spleen removed as well as my bile buct. You don't make it clear whether your mother had her pancreas removed as well. The turning point in my recovery was when I found that my doseage of creon 10,000 was far to low - this is an enzime replacement the helps one digest fat (produced by the pancreas as well as insulin - I am also diabetic now!) When I left hospital I was only on 4 creon tablets per day - I now take up to 30 depending on what I am eating (EG 1 glass of full fat milk = 2 capsuals). I also take Low-sec to help digestion problems. I don't want to discourage you both but my recovery took about 12/18 months! Nobody warns you that after major surgery one is going to become very depressed, but thanks to a lot of support from various sources and support groups I am actually at the stage of looking for jobs though when I actually do this 'job' I don't know as my life is so full now I don't really want to work again!

All the best

Luv, hugs and loads of Creon


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