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Oh Come On Now Pam was posted 12/15/2001 01:41 pm by What a Cop Out Answer
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Puhleeeeze, Pam. Don't insult our intelligence with that cop-out of answer. You are using this Hopkins board as a vehicle for fundraising and awareness, but now you expect US, the ones who can't afford to come in person, but from whom you solicit support, to CALL someone LONG DISTANCE so he can send us a list of the 'stars' or 'celebrities' that appeared that night? Why can't you just POST the list on your PanCAN site so EVERYONE can see? This is the same defensive posture you took when someone asked for the financial accountability of your organization. I've supported this group for a long time now, but this answer to 'anonymous' takes the cake. I think you need to re-think your answer. You posted the 'names' that you remembered off the 'top of your head,' -- well, why don't YOU call David and get the list and post it HERE and on the site. You owe that to everyone -- those who were there and those who weren't. I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED in your reply.

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