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bile duct cancer was posted 12/10/2001 09:19 pm by Peg
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My husband, age 76, has been diagnosed with suspicious malignancy for bile duct cancer. His doctor wants him to see a surgeon at Sloan who specializes in this, but he refuses. He was operated (4 hrs.) for removal of gall bladder Oct 3. In July he was jaundiced, no pain, had tests etc. Biliary count went down. A week after the gall bladder removal he had his second operation to find out what was blocking the draining of the bile. The material they found was biopsied locally and found to be a carcinoma. A T-tube was placed in him. Second opinion above was at John Hopkins. The oncologist is very hopeful chemo with radiation will help without surgery. The radiologist doesn't feel that way and wants my husband to have surgery. His blood count is good, he feels great, eats well. He even questions if he should do anything. I just discovered this chat group and thought perhaps someone has been faced with this. The cholangiogram doesn't show a tumor, but the oncologist said it could be hidden. I would welcome a reply.

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