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Reply was posted 11/27/2001 03:36 pm by melissa
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My husband is probably much younger than your mother. He is only 36 years old. He is presently undergoing chemo with good results. The only difference in his treatment is that he is taking 5FU, Gemzar and Leutovicin (as part of a clinical trial). His oncologist told us that after his chemo treatment...and if the cancer becomes active again....he would be a possible candidate to re-try this type of chemo after 6 months. However, before a patient is given chemo...his / her oncologist must make sure that the blood counts are high enough to continue treatment. Perhaps you could see if your mom is strong enough to get some more chemo. Also the CA 19-9 is a tumour marker test that is used to check to see if patients are responding to chemo. You should ask your doctor if your mother is a candidate for more treatment or if the disease has started to progress beyond a treatable point. I hope your mother will get some comforting news. This is such a rear disease that it is best for your mother to have her medical file reviewed by a doctor that sees many of these cases (such as John Hopkins, Mayo or Sloan-Kettering). I hope this information helps.

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