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my mom has bile duct cancer was posted 11/27/2001 12:26 am by Diane
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Please help my Mom and our family!!! My mom was diagnosed with bile duct cancer at the end of March 2001. When she was diagnosed it already metastis to the Liver and also her omentum (stomach lining). She started Chemo- 5FU, Leucovorin and Zolfran. She had many rounds and did fairly well. In the past 2 months things have changed. Her billirubin flucuated. She had three ERCP's within these few months. In my mom's situation it is inoperable because the tumor is around the portal vein. And it is to dangerous to for any type of surgery. She was just recently hospitalized for eleven days because of swelling in her feet, legs, and her stomach. Do you think she is in her last stages of Cancer? She is very low in albumin a form of protein. Do you think starting steroids again would help? Any response is so important. We do not want her to suffer and we want what is best for her. Please Help!!!!Thanks

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