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CA19-9? Surgery? was posted 11/24/2001 11:02 pm by Melissa
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My husband, 36 years old, was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in June. In July he visited Sloan Kettering and Mayo where surgery was presented as an option. Unfortunately, explorative surgery revealed seeding in his abdominal wall. So the surgery was cancelled.

Since August he has been participating in a clinical trial of Gemzar, 5FU and Leutovicn(spelling?). After the first month of treatment his CA 19-9 went from 190 to 44. After two months of treatment the CA 19-9 went down to 29. I have read that 40 is a normal level. The CT scan shows some shrinkage of the tumor.

Does a CA 19-9 reading of 29 indicate that the tumour is inactive? My husband just finished his 4th month of treatment and they have not ordered another CA 19-9 test. I assume his oncologist will order another one at the end of his treatment (in January).

My husband looks great, has lots of energy, has a normal bilirubin count and has gained all of his weight back.

Is it possible to have a liver resection after chemo? I was initially told that this would not be an option because the cancer had spread before treatment. The seeding has never showed up on a CT scan.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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