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My sister Dianna who is 32 years old was diagnosed with PC on 11/2/01. In Feb 2001 she started to develope bad abdominal pain for a week and went to ER a few times but was sent home because the pain eventually went away while waiting to be seen by the doctor. After exam the doctor told her she had gallstones in her gallbladder and it was removed right away,about three weeks after the surgery she started feeling pain in her back, when she went back to the hospital the doctor found out that her commom duct had been cut (during the surgery) and that bile was leaking into her body. She had another surgery in 5/01 to try and fix the leak but the problem was not fixed. During that time she had developed pancreatitus and was in and out of the hospital for the next 5 months and while back pain never went away. The doctors were busy fixing her problem and couldn't figure out why she was having so much back pain. She had a CT scan in Aug but nothing was abnormal except for the panreatitus by end of Oct the doctor did another CT and found lesions in her liver that wasn't there in Aug, they later confirmed to be cancer cells. After going for 2nd opinion, the doctor suspect that the gallbladder was the first symptom of the PC.

Right now she is in the hospital getting more testing done and finding a way to manage her pain. The doctor suggest Gemzar for her treatment but hasn't set a date to start because my sister has lost about 20 lbs and is down to 84lb. She has hard time eating because as soon as she eats, she gets pain in her stomach. We are also starting with Chinese herbal medicine, changing her diet to mostly all organic food.

If anyone has any good advice on other treatment plans, better diet, alternative medicines, I would really appreciate you input and advice.

Please email me back at anniewu168

Thank you in advance for your help.

Posted 11/18/2001 02:09 am by Annie
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