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Ross/Gemzar was posted 11/04/2001 10:21 am by Brenda/Indy
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Dar Ross: My dad has bile duct cancer and is on Gemzar. He is 77. The oncologists office told him it would not be covered by medicare and made him sign a waiver that he would be responsible for the $2,000 per dose. However, I have a close friend who works for Lilly, she gave me the number for the Gemzar reimbursement center and said the Lilly will help the doctor code the claim so that it is paid by Medicare. So far, Medicare has paid for all my dad's treatments, the financial person at the oncologists office says it must be a mistake but for now, we are not complaining. My Lilly friend also told me that if the payment from insurance,,, medicare or whoever falls through, that Lilly will make sure they provide the drug for free to the oncologists office. If you go to, click on Gemzar, then go to the Health Professionals link, there is info there telling Drs. how to get the Gemzar for their patients. Their phone number is 1-888-4Gemzar, I believe they only want to deal with the physicians but if all else fails, call them yourself. Good luck, please let others know if the info I have given you is not correct--it is to the best of my knowledge.

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