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Mum's Cancer was posted 08/14/2001 04:19 am by Malcolm
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Thanks for your reply. That was very thoughtful and kind of you. The good initial news is that my mum's angiogram was clear - her blood vessels are completely unaffected. There is also no sign of mets from the imaging. Perhaps we have caught it relatively early. I suppose the quick diagnosis helped. The doctor has referred her to a specialist liver unit in Edinburgh for sugery. They will make the final decision on whether or not she is a suitable candidate for surgery. However the signs are that she will be accepted. I suppose we have to keep our fingers crossed that she is strong enough to survive and recover from the operation. We are under no illusions that it is a difficult procedure. I am sure that there are a lot of risks attendent to an operation like this - I wonder is anyone knows what in particular we should be wary of? I think the cancer is of the slower growing variety. At least the specialist has described it as slow growing. I do not know how he can say that for certain without a biopsy result, however. Regarding follow up radiation and chemo therapy, what is the best treatment regime? does it depend on the cancer? Should the surgeons freeze a section of the tumour for analysis? Should they test her blood for cancer markers and if so when? We are encouraged by yesterday's result but we are still very aware that my mum faces a long and hard battle. Any informed answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated.

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