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Malcolm was posted 08/13/2001 09:08 pm by Lillie
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Malcolm, you are correct in the fact that surgery is not an option if mets is present. The good thing here is so for none of the test show any evidence of spread. My understand is if the portal vein is involved surgery isn't an option. Here in the states many time when there is portal vein involvement the patient undergoes chemo and radiation to hopefully shrink the tumor away from the vein enough to do the surgery. Here a whipple is performed. I don't know what a hilar is, in a whipple the gallbladder, bile duct, dudoumn, and part of the pancreas is removed. The surgery takes approx 8-12 hrs. Recovery is slow. Our dad had a whipple last october his cancer was in the bile duct. Your mama should be followed up with chemo and radiation as soon after the surgery as possible, about 5 weeks. Cholangiocarcinoma is the better of the two if she has one. Adenocarcinoma, is fast spreading and life expetency is so poor without any treatments. There really isn't a lot of information on this page. If you will click on the site above to go to the JH pancreatic chat its so much more informitive. Gall bladder, bile duct, and pancreatic cancers are treated much the same here. My e-mail address is above if you need to just e-mail me. Also I've been told that MD Anderson Hospital in Houston Texas is doing whipples with vein involvement. I do know that at MD Anderson all their patients receive chemo before surgery. MD Anderson is one of the top hospitals in the states for cancer. I sincerelly hope the rest of the news will be good. Hugs Lillie

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