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bile duct cancer/Sue was posted 07/27/2001 07:32 am by mary
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Dear Sue, So very sorry for you and your family. My husband was not as 'lucky' as you two, we did not find out about the cancer until 11 days before he died-we had no time to say our goodbys-He was 65 and in good health other than a total knee replacement 1-year ago and being dx with diabeties 6 months before he died. We were in one Drs. office after another, they all kept saying nothing was wrong, go home, maybe an ulcer, try this, etc. We had 6-7 MRI's they said the spots on his liver were nothing to worry about, couldn't be causing him the pain under his right rib cage-by this time my husband never slept, always in pain, and could not eat-I took him to the ER November 30, 2000, told them he was ill, I knew it was not an ulcer. It took them until December 15, 2000 to find out it was Bile Duct Cancer-by this time my husband had had a stroke due to the involvment of blood clots-I took him home. I can not say enough about Hospice-please let them help, you can not do it alone, you will need to be there for him, not tired, not scared, be there for your children, get them involved, you will not believe how much they want to be a part of this-I buried my husband of 25 years Christmas Eve, 2000. My heart goes out to you, take all the help you can get, you will need it to become whole again. Talk to Hospice, don't be afraid-prayers, Mary

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