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bile duct/pancreas was posted 07/01/2001 05:18 pm by peter argani
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Hi John:i wanted to offer my input on your situation. It sounds like the cytopathology of your bile duct brushings were thought to be atypical. This does not necessarily mean that you have cancer in this site; the cells might also be atypical because they are benign but irritated by an infection or inflammation. The best thing to do is to have follow up to resolve things, and that sounds like what your doctor wants to do, perhaps by an endoscopic ultrasound. I am hopeful that things will be benign since your doctor does not seem to be that worried. As for pancreas cancer, while most cases are sporadic, it can be an inherited cancer. In fact, there is information on a National Registry for Familial Pancreas Cancer on the JHU pancreas cancer web page: (click here). In fact, the director of that registry is my colleague Ralph Hruban MD, and his phone number is 410 955-9132.

I hope this is helpful to you. please let me know if you need anything. take care


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