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Reply was posted 06/21/2001 06:48 pm by Denise
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My dad was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer in Dec. 99. We were very fortunate to find an excellent surgeon. Originally they thought the cancer was in the bile duct. When he was operated on, they realized it was gallbladder cancer and had spread to the bile duct, liver and ran along the portal vein. His doctor decided to perform radical surgery (where most surgeons would have closed him back up). The surgery lasted 9 hours and he spent 30 days in intensive care. He was back to work by the end of February (after receiving chemo and radiation) and spent his time almost problem free until April 2001. He was then told the cancer had recurred in his liver. He has had many problems since, small bowel obstruction, many infections etc. He is now home with Hospice care, however, still able to move around (slowly with walker) and enjoying many visits from friends and family. The most important thing your friend can do is find the 'right' doctor! Gallbladder cancer is amongst the rarest and there is not much out there, believe me I've tried. Martha has been a good friend and source of information and I'm sure you will hear from her soon. Good luck and keep positive and hopeful. If you need any further help or someone to talk to please e-mail me.

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