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new diagnosis was posted 06/19/2001 01:29 pm by peter argani
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Dear Cat: i am very sorry to hear of your father's bile duct cancer. This is a rare disease that is very difficult to treat. Surgery is usually the best therapy when the tumor can be removed completely by the surgeon; unfortunately, many tumors cannot be removed entirely because they have already spread too far from the bile duct. If you are interested in having your father seen here by a surgeon, Dr. Shulick and Dr. Choti (both are listed on the site, with contact numbers) both have a lot of experience treated bile duct cancers involving the liver.

Glivec is a medicine used to treat cancers that produce excess amounts of proteins called tyrosine kinases, one of which is c-kit. Some tumors that produce excessive amounts of c-kit (like gastrointestinal stromal tumors) can be treated with glivec. Other types of cancer (like bile dcut cancers) are just now being tested for c-kit production, since this could potentially be tried as a therapy. i do not know if glivec therapy has been tried yet on any bile duct cancers.

i hope this helps good luck to you and to your father peter

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