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thought it was gallstones was posted 06/05/2001 11:43 pm by SUSAN LATHAM
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I was researching biliary cancer and came to the website where i read your message which sounds so similar to what i am encountering with my own mother. Back in January she went into a hospital in Florida for removal of stones in her bile duct. 2 months later she went back in for gallbladder surgery. No cancer diagnosis was made until this past month when she became jaundice again and an ercp was performed which detected a tumor. A stint was implanted one week ago but it appears that this is not working properly. She is very weak and yellow. There is no nausea or vomiting, or swelling of her extremities. We are awaiting surgery for removal of this tumor this month at Mass. General. We are being told that this form of cancer is rare and difficult to treat. We are praying that my mother can sustain her health over the next few weeks to have this surgery to remove the tumor. We have not gotten beyond the mention of surgery to think about chemotherapy or radiation. Wishing you and your mother the best. I share in how painful this is. My mother is 76 years old and had been in excellent health until this past year. Praying for us all. Susan L.

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