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gallbladder cancer was posted 06/01/2001 12:45 am by Martha
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Richard, My mother too had a similiar diagnosis at the beginning. She went in to the hospital for gallbladder surgery, everything looked okay, one week later the pathology report on the gallbladder revealed cancer. My mother did the chemo and radiation be honest it didn't do anything but make her last months more miserable. The cancer was diagnosed in late July of last year, then in February of this year the cancer was found in her liver....and she died April 29th, 2001 after battling this horrible disease for nine months. The doctors told us that the chemo and radiation was to stop the progression to the liver but it spread there all the same. The last month of her life she tried Gemzar (chemo) not to save her life but maybe extend it for a month or two, again to no avail. She also had the stents put in to help counteract the jaundice and nausea, it helped for a week or two. In the end there is nothing much encouraging to say about this form of cancer...I wish there were and I don't want to be the bearer of bad news. My mother was in great health otherwise...and was 73 years old. How old is your mother and what part of the country are you from? I live in AZ and I have found that the best doctors for this form of cancer are in New York...or MD Anderson in Texas. If you live around these locations it wouldn't hurt to give them a call and see if there are any clinical trials she could participate in. I'm very sorry and my thoughts are with you and your mother. Martha

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