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Ira was posted 05/24/2001 03:24 pm by Martha
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Ira, I am very sorry to hear about your mother. As you probably know by now gallbladder cancer isn't an easy cancer to treat. My mother was diagnosed last July, had chemo and radiation, was told in December that CAT scans were clean and no evidence of cancer was seen anywhere and by February of this year it was in her liver...very advanced at this point. She was put on a treatment of Gemzar but was only able to have two sessions before back in the hospital for a stent in the bile duct. She died April 29, 2001. This is a horrible, horrible cancer and I don't understand why there isn't more they can do for it. I do know that it's relatively rare and only about 6000 cases a year are diagnosed. Maybe this is why there aren't more studies done or more information available. We tried vitamins for awhile but she was too nauseous to tolerate them and then we did special juices but in the end none of these things helped. Hospice was available to us and we used it towards the end. I am so sorry. How old is your mother by the way? My mother was 73 and in perfect health besides the cancer. My thoughts are with you. martha

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