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Confused was posted 05/21/2001 11:30 pm by Paul M
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My Father has recently been hospitalized in the UK with symptoms that include jaundice. Orginally, it was thought that he had a blocked bile duct due to gallstones. Last week we were told that it was more likely to be primary sclerosing cholangitis. However, it seems as though the blood tests did not show PSC and now we have found that itis possibly Bile Duct Cancer. My Father is 61 years old and in good health with no other symptoms. They are trying to place stents in the bile duct to free up the passages (apparantly there are 6-7 blocked ducts). There are no signs of elevated tumor markers in the blood tests or any indication of a mass from either the ultrasound or MRI scans.

As of today, the stents are not working very well and the surgeon needs to see that the bile duct(s) are not blocked to ensure that the liver is not damaged too much. Then he intends to take a biopsy in two to three weeks time.

My questions are:-

1. How long can the liver withstand the blockages of the bile ducts before significant damage occurs?

2. Are you aware of any specialists in the UK that could help?

3. We've been told that if this is Bile Duct Cancer then the prognosis is poor. Is this a fair reflection and what should we do next?

4. What other explanations, if any, could there be for the blockages of the bile ducts?

I appreciate any advice and help that anyone can's tough living in San Francisco when your Father is in hospital in England (I left England via work 8 years ago).



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