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p53 and tumor block questions was posted 05/18/2001 03:04 pm by Elizabeth W.
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Thanks so very much to Dr. Argani for answering my questions about c-kit and FAS, and I look forward to understanding the cross-reaction of H. bilis and H. pylori testing.I too would like to understand how many Germans with bile duct cancer were tested for H. bilis in the bile.

The NIH Naval Medical Center is evaluating my DCBD tumor for ras mutations for a vaccine trial. They have had difficulties in getting enough tumor tissue.My 4 tumor blocks each contains < or = 15% tumor tissue and they need 25%. (1) Is it common for infiltrating distal common bile duct tumors to be 15% or less? (2) When immunohistochemical pathology test is done for p53 and the test returns 30%, does it mean 30% of only the cancer cell have p53? (noncancerous cells are not included, right?)

(3) What is % p53 for normal distal bile duct tissue? 0%, 1%, 10%...

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