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Denise was posted 05/09/2001 10:42 am by Lillie
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Denise, I don't know a lot about gall bladder cancer. Dads was bile duct. I can tell you dad had a whipple done Oct 13, 2000. 1cm. no lymph node involvement. Dads cancer came back and he died Feb.1, 2001. Like you and Martha we too thought we were lucky and dad would be a survivor. I can tell you this disease has ripped our hearts out. I do so wish I could offer you advice that could help your mama but sweetie I just don't know enough about the gall bladder. I have followed sweet little Marthas story and I know she has had a bad time with going through all of this. I can advise you to get the book 'Final Gifts' written by two hospice nurses it deals with the needs and special awareness of the dying. You can check it out at your local library or buy it at books a million or it cost about $10.00 and you won't be sorry you read it. Denise, I have saved dads last week of life and if you would like to read it just e-mail me and I will forward it to you. I am not saying that your mama is going to die, I just don't really know and it looks like from what her doctor is saying things look bleak. Look into getting hospice help at the end. If I can help in anyway just e-mail me Hugs, prayers, and love. Lillie

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