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Bile duct Ca was posted 05/08/2001 08:31 am by Heather
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Dear Mary, I am sorry that I have responded to you so late. I was away all last week. I can not explain why the doctors were tardy in diagnosing your husband, or take away any of your grief. This is unfortunate and unfair. The only consolation if can offer is this: that bile duct cancer is a very rare type of cancer with very few - if any obvious symptoms. Often, by the time it is diagnosed, it is too late. And a reason why it takes so long to diagnose is that it is rare. It's not the first thing a doctor thinks a patient may have. They will rule out the more common ailments, then begin tests in order to figure out what the ailment may be. Unfortunately, this takes time and this is difficult because you are playing the beat-the-clock game at the same time. By the time the doctors get to thinking it may be a rare form of cancer and perscribe those tests, the window for treatment is often gone. I don't know if this explaination can bring you any comfort. And I don't mean it as an excuse, just as an explaination of the diagnoses process. IF you have any further questions, please write me again. - Heather

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