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Denise was posted 05/06/2001 08:34 pm by Martha
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Your dad's story sounds so hauntingly familiar to my mom's story. They did try Gemzar but only after we insisted--it was pointless, especially since the cancer had already invaded the liver. But we did keep hoping and praying. My mother lived for sixty days after we were told the cancer had came back via the pathology report. I wish I could be uplifting Denise, honestly I do. I hate to see anyone go through what we've been through. But this cancer is such an insidious one that there really isn't much hope to give. I can offer you my prayers however and I most certainly will do that tonight. Today is one week since my mother passed and it's such a horrible feeling. All day I've done nothing but lie around and feel sick inside. My mother struggled so hard to live and we kept thinking she would be one of the lucky ones since she was so strong and healthy otherwise but it was not to be. We did start her on a special vitamin program and I ordered the Moss report to see if there were alternative treatments but to no the time she was finally diagnosed there wasn't enough time to try these things, and even the vitamins were too much for her to handle...she had so much nauseu and the jaundice was just awful. Towards the last few weeks she became so swollen, in the abdomen, legs and feet that she was unable to get out of bed to even walk across the was horrible to witness. Three days before she died she was still hoping to be one of the lucky I realise that in the end she was...she went to heaven where these types of things don't happen...and where health is restored and happiness is finally achieved. If I can lend an ear or a shoulder do not hesitate to write me. I am really sorry Denise...really, really sorry. Hugs, Martha

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