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gallbladder cancer was posted 05/06/2001 06:59 pm by Denise
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They removed dad's gallbladder in December of '99. He received chemotherapy (Fu 5?) and radiation treatment. He was back to work in February feeling great thought he was 'cancer free'. One month ago he began having symptoms, weight loss, fatigue, pain in abdomen, slight jaundice, nausea and vomiting. Dr. did a cat scan and saw a mass on his liver along with a possible blockage of small intestine. They did a biopsy and it came back negative for cancer. He was told there was an infection in his liver (abcess which was aspirated), put on antiobiotics intravenously and sent home told no cancer. Once again he believed he had no cancer. Once home he was unable to keep any food down and readmitted for intestinal bypass surgery. Surgeon told us the tissue he removed during surgery was definately cancerous and the pathology report confirmed this. He is now recovering (we hope) slowly and is telling us he doesn't have much longer, plan him a good party for after his funeral. His oncologist says there is not much she can do because this kind of cancer does not respond well to chemo. I keep reading about Gemzar but she says it is only used for pancreatic cancer. I guess I don't understand since the recurrances of pancreatic cancer seem to be the same as gallbladder (affecting the liver). Again, I may seem ignorant, but this is all we know. Any help at all will be appreciated.

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