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cholangiocarcinoma was posted 05/03/2001 08:33 pm by Elizabeth
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Dear Lynn:

I too lost my husband of 32 years in Dec. 1999 on my birthday. He had cholangiocarcinoma for 5 months - diagnosed on Aug.3 and died on Dec. 21. He was stationed in Viet Nam from April 1966 to April 1967. I also believe his death was service connected. You said the VA agreed. What kind of info can you give me as to why they are saying it was service connected. I filed a claim in March 2000 but was denied any benefits. I now have another claim in with additional letters from the drs. stating that it was as likely as not caused by his service in VN. He also had type II diabetes which has now been put on the list of diseases caused by exposure to agent orange. I have looked all over the place to find some proof that his cancer was caused by the chinese liver fluke which is very prevalent in southeast Asia and very rare in the US. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I had not checked this website in quite a while but I am glad I did. Also, I am sorry about your husband. I am still having a hard time dealing with my husband's death. Maybe we can help each other.

Thanks, Elizabeth

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