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DONNA/BILE DUCT CANCER was posted 04/27/2001 06:28 am by MARY
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Hi Donna, I buried my husband Christmas Eve, Dec.22,2000. I to did not know of this thing called Bile Duct Cancer-How old was your Dad and when did his illness start? My husband was 65 years old, still employed(we were going to hold off retirement until 68)good health, just found out he was diabetic in June,2000, in November,1999 he had a total knee replacement-got along well. July 30, 2000, he complained of a 'pain'under his rib cage on the right side-August it was worse-I took him to the ER-The Drs. there said it was his gall-bladder-they removed-2 days later the pain was worse-they took out his appendix and said nothing was wrong with it after all. Started treating with an oncoligest(sp)he had MRI and CAT scans done-He said nothing was wrong, there were cyst on his liver, nothing to worry about-We were treating with a primary care Dr. and this oncoligest(sp)I faxed them daily-telling them he was worse-by Nov.30,2000 he was in so much pain I took him to the ER-did not call the other Drs. The GI Dr. in the hospital, after 15 days of test and my husband having a stroke on Dec.11,2000 after the liver biospy, they told me he had cancer-nothing they could do-go home-I feel for you and your Dad, please tell me what kind of test and how was it handled? I just need to know everything, if I could have done more. Thanks for your posting. Mary

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