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BILE DUCT CANCER was posted 04/26/2001 10:37 am by MARY
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I'v read your postings. My husband was treating with on oncologist (sp) for over 4 months, we had MRI's CAT scans, fancy blood test,(he was a diabetic)the pain under his rib cage on the right side was worse everyday-they removed his gallbladder then 2 days later his appendix(sp)then he began forming blood clots in his veins in his legs and was on injections(blood thinners)in the stomache every AM and PM, more MIRI's The Dr. said they showed cysts on the liver nothing to worry about-finally on Nov.30,2000 I took him to the ER, the pain was so bad, I did not call the Dr. The hospital GI Dr.said he had metastic cancer somewhere, I told him no, the other Dr. said they were cyst, nothing to worry about. My husband underwent test for 16 days, had a stroke and was told on the 15th day he had Bile Duct Cancer, go home and die-how could this have happened? How could the oncologist(sp) miss this and call it cyst? We were treating with a primary Dr. also, it's not like we just walked in off the street-I faxed these Drs. daily, telling them he was worse EVERYDAY-My husband was buried Christmas Eve, he would have been 66 May1, he was in great health until this pain started-How could this happen?

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