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Oh Liz was posted 02/08/2001 11:57 am by Lillie
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Liz I am so sorry. Our dad had a whipple done on 10-13-00. Unfortunatly he died on 02-01-01. Dads health was not good pryor to surgery, diabetes, arthritis, braces on both legs. Your bro. or sister did they save the paloric valve in the stomach? If the valve was saved they shouldn't have a lot of digestive problems. If not diet will have to change and drastically. JH has a PC(Pancritic Cancer)board that is much more informative than this board and since they are treated the same you might want to go to that board. There or so few people with bile duct cancer and no real case studies to go by not a lot is known about treatment. Some take chemo (Gemzar) and 5-fu and radiation. Dad should have lived much longer we were told that with the surgery it should buy him about 2 years. Dads cancer was 1 CM no lymph node involvement we thought we were lucky....dads cancer returned in Jan. mets to the lung.... Most get mets to the liver... you can e-mail me if you need to with any questions that I might can assist you with. When was the whipple done, how old is the patient, has the care giver talked to the dietician, are they going to have chemo or radiation, lots of questions need to be answered to help furthur. Prayers for your family.Lillie

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